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New home? New business? Your new storage solution.

Montague Park. Emmbrook Place. Cavendish Park. Mulberry Grove. New housing developments are popping up all over Wokingham and in the surrounding area too, bringing with them new opportunities for first-time buyers, upsizers and downsizers, and local businesses alike.

It’s no wonder so many are flocking to the Berkshire town – it’s recently been ranked in the top 10 places to live [1] – but whether you’re one of Wokingham’s latest residents, looking to relocate locally, or setting up shop to make the most of the area’s growth, there’s one thing you’ll undoubtedly need to think about: storing your stuff!

From unpredictable move-in dates to uninspiring interiors

If you’ve just bought one of the many new-build houses available today, congratulations! There are many fantastic benefits of choosing a house off plan. There’s no chain, no risk of questionable plumbing or outdated heating systems, and no Artex ceiling to contend with! But there are also a few potential downfalls that can move storage right to the top of your agenda – some of which you may not even be aware of yet.

For example, many new-build developers are only able to provide a rough estimate of your move-in date, giving you two weeks’ notice before the actual day. Some also require you to exchange in just 28 days, leaving you little time to declutter, which can be a real problem if you’re moving into something smaller. And, quite often, people find themselves having to move out of their old home before moving into their new one to avoid losing the sale of their property. When timings are unpredictable from the outset, this is even more common.

All these scenarios could leave you with a logistical nightmare… especially with all your furniture, clothing and other personal items in tow!

Another caveat when moving into a new-build property is that you usually need to arrange for the flooring to be laid yourself, which can leave you with nowhere to put your possessions once the big day rolls around. Even if your property does come with carpet, you might like to put your own stamp on the decor before you move your things in.

The question is, where to put them in the meantime? A lot of new-build properties don’t even have a garage!

Cheap and easy storage when it matters most

Luckily, there’s a cheap and easy way, and it lies in local self-storage from Reading Storage Solutions.

Reading Storage Solutions is a new, purpose-built self-storage facility, located within walking distance of Wokingham town centre at 123a Reading Road, Wokingham, Berkshire, RG41 1HD. The 1.4-acre site is open seven days a week, offering both short- and long-term storage for personal and business storage.

It was bought to supplement our existing self-storage facility in Reading, and is ideally located to serve both residents and local businesses in Wokingham and the surrounding areas, including Winnersh, Lower Earley, Bracknell and Binfield.

With a state-of-the-art entry/exit system and CCTV, Reading Storage Solutions provides a safe place for you to store your belongings while you wait for your house to be ready, or in the long term if you’re downsizing – perhaps due to retirement or as your children leave home.

Prices start at just £79 a month, and the facility offers a wide range of storage room sizes to fit your needs.

So don’t leave it until that exchange deadline comes and goes; arrange your storage now and tick one more thing off your list!

We’d love to hear all about your move on our Twitter and Facebook pages. Then, visit Reading Storage Solutions at the address above, or find out more at


Self-Storage on the Rise in the USA

It’s no surprise that Storage Wars is a hugely popular programme across the world, as it seems that the US is currently in the middle of a self-storage boom. There are many reasons for this, most of which are down to the financial crisis pushing up rents and limiting new construction, meaning people are forced to live in homes which are just too small for all their possessions.

As a result, business is booming in the storage industry. Big names such as Extra Space Storage Inc have reported huge jumps in stocks, including a 33% rise in the year. So much so, other businesses are looking to capitalize on the market by opening new facilities to offer people storage solutions.

Self-storage solutions are particularly helpful for those at college or who work seasonally and have to leave a place of residence for a few months at a time. Many students feel this is the ideal solution when they move home for the summer, rather than their books and other possessions taking up unnecessary space in their parents’ homes.

Whilst events like moving home for the summer aren’t necessarily affected by the economy or recession, they have contributed to the rental boom for storage space. The industry itself however is somewhat recession proof – though not entirely. For instance a couple of the main reasons for using storage are downsizing and dislocation, which are things that tend to happen when people are looking to free up some cash due to rising living costs, or as a result of a redundancy or job change.

Unlike other markets, storage rental is ‘sticky’ meaning that people are likely to stay with a facility even if they are costlier than a rival. In addition, the competition for this market isn’t necessarily other storage solutions, but rather the dumpster and a rising construction industry. Thankfully for the first, people usually find sentimental value in their possessions so that competition isn’t fierce, but with housebuilding picking back up, the storage boom may be set to plateau in the next year or so.

How to Self-Store as a Student

Moving away from home to attend a new college or university is an enriching life experience but when the summer rolls around you may be stuck with more stuff than you bargained for. If this is the case then you have a few options; take it all back home with you or store it in the area for next year. The latter is much more convenient and can even save you money on moving fees and transportation.

Sourcing a self-storage location can be far more effortless than your end of year exams and you might find a place with a student discount. They can also assist you in finding transportation for your heavier items and boxes for your smaller ones to make the transition smoother. You’ll need to have some idea of the space that your items will take up, don’t take too much or too little as each come with their own disadvantages.

Obviously the closer a storage option is the better as it will cut down on time and money but make sure that you’re still getting the best deal out there. Be prepared to get a few quotes and factor in other costs, if a company near you has a price match service then you can use these quotes to secure the same payment deal.

When you have your place set up then it’s time to get packing and you can try a few different techniques to make the most out of the space that you’re renting. Try to use up all the space effectively by placing larger items in with smaller boxes around them. Dismantling furniture might take a while but it can mean that you’ll save money by taking a smaller unit and you’ll be able to make less trips if it fits in a van with space to spare.