How to Self-Store as a Student

Moving away from home to attend a new college or university is an enriching life experience but when the summer rolls around you may be stuck with more stuff than you bargained for. If this is the case then you have a few options; take it all back home with you or store it in the area for next year. The latter is much more convenient and can even save you money on moving fees and transportation.

Sourcing a self-storage location can be far more effortless than your end of year exams and you might find a place with a student discount. They can also assist you in finding transportation for your heavier items and boxes for your smaller ones to make the transition smoother. You’ll need to have some idea of the space that your items will take up, don’t take too much or too little as each come with their own disadvantages.

Obviously the closer a storage option is the better as it will cut down on time and money but make sure that you’re still getting the best deal out there. Be prepared to get a few quotes and factor in other costs, if a company near you has a price match service then you can use these quotes to secure the same payment deal.

When you have your place set up then it’s time to get packing and you can try a few different techniques to make the most out of the space that you’re renting. Try to use up all the space effectively by placing larger items in with smaller boxes around them. Dismantling furniture might take a while but it can mean that you’ll save money by taking a smaller unit and you’ll be able to make less trips if it fits in a van with space to spare.