Christmas Gifts – Is It Better to Resell than Receive?

Self-Storage for Christmas Gifts

In January 2013, if you’re an average UK resident, you’re probably looking at two unwanted Christmas presents with a street value of £48.41, according to eBay and Gumtree’s Unwanted Gift Report 2013. So, don’t just sit there staring at them, decide what to do with them (and where to store them in the meantime).

Most people in the UK (well, 80 per cent to be precise) would consider reselling their unexpected, unwelcome or just downright awful Christmas gifts. Today, online selling sites like eBay make the job easier than ever, which is why more and more of us are making it a regular habit. What we find surprising at Reading Storage Solutions is that most gaffe gifts are given by family members, with uncles, aunts and cousins being the worst offenders.

“What’s the big deal about fifty-pound’s-worth of stuff?” we hear you say. Well, that seemingly small amount adds up to a total of £2.4 billion when you take the whole country into account. Probably best to have somewhere safe to store it while you decide how to get shot of it.

Big, Bulky and Boxed-Up

At Reading Storage Solutions, we regularly come across people who have nowhere to store their gifts – unwanted or otherwise – because they’re simply too big or bulky. Giving someone who lives in a small one-bedroom flat a full-sized pool table for Christmas may seem dumb, but that’s exactly what one of our customers turned up with recently.

Fortunately, we had a secure self-storage unit available at short notice, and the customer was happy to let us look after not only his pool table but a whole load of other stuff that was just taking up space he didn’t have. If that sounds like you, don’t suffer for a moment longer – give us a call and we’ll help find a storage plan that suits both your needs and your pocket.

We didn’t ask whether the customer was among the 50 per cent of Brits who still thank the giver for their thoughtless gift, or one of the four per cent who speak their mind. Some things are best left unexplored …

A Self-Storage Unit Isn’t Just for Christmas

Don’t think that we’re only here to help in an emergency. It makes no difference to us if you’re in a screaming hurry or if you give us several weeks’ warning. We pride ourselves in responding promptly and professionally to every customer (or potential customer) request, and we offer secure, flexible self-contained storage on short-term or long-term contracts.

We’re independently owned and whether you need to store the contents of a Christmas stocking, a small flat or a large four-bedroom house, we have self-storage units to suit you. Your minimum commitment can be as little as a week and our rates are highly competitive.

Don’t hang about, just bring your stuff along to us. We store furniture, household goods, clothing, leisure and garden equipment and a whole load more. Self-storage insurance is now included as standard on all our container storage units, and there’s no complicated paperwork to fill in – one simple agreement covers everything.

If Christmas has left you buried under what feels like the dregs of Santa’s least-appealing sleigh-load of duff gifts, call us today and find out more. When your world starts bursting at the seams, let us take over. At Reading Storage Solutions we’ll keep your New Year as happy as can be.