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Learning About the Advantages of Self-Storage for Students

For most students, the arrival of summer doesn’t just signal the end of another year of study – it generally means that it’s time to move house as well. You may well have secured the ideal place to live next year, but it doesn’t solve the age-old problem of what to do with your gear during the summer. Student landlords who let you leave your belongings behind during university holidays are few and far between.

For those lucky enough to be running a decent-sized car (or to have obliging parents), stuffing everything in the boot and hauling it home at the end of the year – and back at the start of the new term – may seem like a good idea. In theory, that means you can check everything over at your leisure while you’re at home; in practice, the truth is often very different – the contents of many suitcases and storage boxes don’t see the light of day between one term and the next.

If that’s you, consider a sensible alternative – storing your non-essential belongings in a local self-storage facility for the duration of your summer break. More and more universities and colleges are recommending their students to do just that, as it’s a convenient and very cost-effective solution.

Modern self-storage units are secure, dry and easily accessible; most offer flexible rental periods that allow you to rent space only when you need it, allowing you to avoid the hassle of becoming an amateur removal service at intervals throughout the year. There are generally only a few sensible restrictions on what you can store, so leave those unwanted boxes of “stuff” safely behind when you head off for the summer.

Talk to Reading Storage Solutions

Decision made, all you need is a friendly local self-storage company. If you’re studying in Reading or the surrounding area, look no further. Reading Storage Solutions offers secure self-storage in Reading for students (and anyone else needing extra space), with prices starting from £79 + VAT per week for an 80 sq ft self-contained unit – and that’s big enough to store the contents of a small flat. Many of our student clients get an even better deal by sharing a unit with house- or flat-mates.

We make life as easy as possible for all our customers, with a simple rental agreement, rental periods that start only a week and inclusive insurance for up to £5,000-worth of your belongings. Our aim is to let you sign up, move in and then get on with your holiday with as little fuss as possible. We’re located close to Reading town centre and there’s easy access at most convenient times – with out-of-hours access by prior arrangement.

So, what are you waiting for? Give Reading Storage Solutions a call today on 0118 94-62-442 or 07823 77-79-77 and find out how to manage your summer break. Like most things, once you’ve learned how simple it is, you won’t want to go back to your old ways – but then that’s what education is about, isn’t it?

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Red-Hot Reality TV as Storage Hunters Comes to Reading Storage Solutions

Storage Hunters UK


TV Channel Dave has selected Reading Storage Solutions as its first-choice location for the launch of Storage Hunters UK, the new reality TV series based on the US smash hit. Airing on October 28 2014, the first episode sees Sean Kelly, the auctioneer and host of the original US Storage Hunters, drive the high-pressure bidding for the contents of abandoned self-storage containers.

Dave expects the programme to attract the same loyal following as the US version of the show, which is currently UKTV’s highest rating programme on Dave; it consistently attracts nearly one million viewers. Tune in to see would-be buyers attempt to outsmart their rivals as they make what they hope will be the winning bid.

As you’d expect, some buyers walk away with the bargain they wanted, while others leave empty-handed, having made one bid too many for what turned out to be a pile of junk. It’s a highly charged situation as the competition mounts and Kelly has his work cut out trying to keep tempers under control. Who makes the proverbial killing? You’ll have to follow the action to find out.

UKTV’s commissioning team was looking for a modern, centrally located self-storage facility with plenty of space to accommodate camera crews, production equipment and vehicles. In Reading Storage Solutions, they found an ideal match, and as the show airs, you’ll see buyers experience the highs and lows of trying to secure that elusive bargain.

To find out who wins and who loses out, tune in to Dave at 8 pm every Tuesday. You’ll get to see a gripping show, filmed against the background of a modern self-storage facility in Reading. What better way to spend an evening? If you want to know more, call us on 0118 94-62-442 – we hope you enjoy the show.

Reading Storage Solutions Ticks the Boxes Recommended by Trading Standards

Counterfeit Goods

Since 2013, the London Trading Standards Authorities (LoTSA) have been cooperating in an initiative designed to prevent the storage of illegal goods in self-storage facilities. In a series of intelligence-led raids in September 2012, counterfeit goods with an estimated street value of £6.5 million were seized from self-storage facilities in the capital, leading LoTSA to introduce the Tick Box code of practice, initially aimed at self-storage businesses in London.

Implicit in the code of practice is a commitment to prevent the storage of illicit goods, including counterfeit items and non-duty-paid tobacco and alcohol – a stance supported by every reputable self-storage business. Reading Storage Solutions is pleased to confirm its full backing for the Tick Box initiative, including adoption of the key recommendations of the code of practice.

At RSS, we offer all our customers peace of mind together with a secure facility in which business and domestic storage activities comply not only with industry best-practice but also full extent of the law. To find out more and to download a copy of the code of practice, visit the Tick Box website.

Self-Storage Units – What Should I Expect?

At Reading Storage Solutions, we cater for both domestic and business customers, recognising that their needs may be very different. Short-term, flexible self-storage is often best suited to homeowners needing a temporary home for furniture, household goods or seasonal items. Business users often require longer-term arrangements, although the same degree of flexibility and affordability is available as customer needs dictate.

You should expect a secure facility with easy access for authorised users seven days a week; RSS offers drive-up access to all our container-storage units, allowing easy loading and unloading for all types and sizes of load. There’s ample parking for your vehicle while you’re accessing your unit, and you can also store trailers, caravans and boats on-site by prior arrangement.

Where’s the Catch?

There isn’t one, though don’t just take our word for it – ask our customers. We pride ourselves in the level of repeat business from satisfied customers, and we’d be pleased to add you to our client list. Whether you have a few things that are cluttering up your home or a complete container load of business items, we can satisfy your storage needs with a minimum of fuss.

So if you need to clear yourself some breathing space, take a look at secure self-storage from Reading Storage Solutions. There are very few things we can’t store – take look at our FAQs if you’re not sure. Call us today to find out more. You could be enjoying that extra space in no time.

Don’t Overload Your Overheads – Let Self-Storage Take the Strain

Book Storage

You don’t have to wait until your bedroom ceiling collapses before realising that you need to move stuff out of your attic. Overloaded structures have been responsible for some of the worst industrial accidents on record, but it’s simple to avoid the same thing – albeit on a smaller scale – happening to you. All you need is a little common sense and the time to clear out your loft before it gets the better of you.

A 2011 survey suggested that the average person in the UK owns 80 unread books – books that take up space, often ending up in the attic because they have “sentimental value”. Given that “70 per cent of books in the average bookcase remain unopened”, there’s clearly a problem. Books weigh a lot, and they’re some of the last things you really want in your loft.

Although the rise of the e-book has slowed the growth of this massive unwanted book-pile, we have a better idea – self-storage. Whether you’re one of the book-hoarders from the survey, or whether you simply have more belongings than space, you need to take action. That’s where Reading Storage Solutions can help.

Self-Storage Space – How Much Do I Need?

The beauty of our self-storage facilities in Reading is that they’re completely flexible. You can start with a modest 80 sq-ft self-contained unit – which is large enough to store the contents of a small flat – and move to something larger as your needs dictate. If your circumstances change, don’t panic; you can cancel your storage agreement at short notice, so you’re never tied down.

Our secure storage container units are ideal for personal possessions like books, furniture, clothes and domestic appliances. There are very few things you can’t store at our secure premises near Reading town centre, and there’s easy access for cars or vans seven days a week. Simply move in and move out at your convenience – we can arrange out-of-hours opening by prior agreement.

What’s in the Small Print?

We keep our storage agreements as simple as possible, and we include insurance for your possessions as standard while they’re stored on our site. You’ll find our small print refreshingly brief and most of it’s there as much for your protection as for ours. We try and keep things simple so you can move in with a minimum of fuss and no delay whatsoever.

So if you realise that too many things are getting on top of you – in more ways than one – take a look at secure self-storage from Reading Storage Solutions. We can shift the weight from your bedroom ceiling as well as taking a load off your mind, and it won’t break the bank. Simply decide how much space you need and you’re good to go.

Call us today to find out more. You could be enjoying the use of space you’d forgotten about before you know it.

Self-Storage with Office Space – A Marriage Made in Heaven

Self-Contained Office Space

Business start-ups are getting leaner and leaner – a trend first noted in the U.S. but now widely reported in Britain. Business premises are adapting to suit and Reading Storage Solutions is among the early UK adopters. Like the state-of-the-art SURF (Start Up Really Fast) units recently opened in Seattle, Washington, we now offer our customers both storage and office space on a single site.

Convenience and flexibility are top of the list for most start-up business owners, with cost not very far behind. Our new, affordable and well-equipped offices are fully modular, and are based on a 20-ft by 8-ft floor plan, suitable for two people. Our exceptionally competitive prices are inclusive of insurance and high-speed internet, and you get all the flexibility that comes with our existing self-contained storage units.

Which Comes First – Storage Unit or Office Space?

Today, it really doesn’t matter – you can have either (or both) on the same site at Reading Storage Solutions. Close to Reading town centre and with ample parking, you get maximum flexibility with minimum fuss. If you want comprehensive details, visit our sister site, Reading Office Solutions, where you’ll find everything you need to know about our new self-contained offices in Reading.

In the excitement of moving into your new office, don’t forget your self-storage arrangements. Many of our customers are finding that their storage needs grow with their businesses, and we’re pleased to see increasing numbers of our secure container storage units occupied by successful companies. Increasingly, new customers arrive at our reception desk after being recommended by friends who already occupy one of our units – and recommendations don’t get much better than that!

Why Self-Storage?

In a nutshell, it’s hard to find better value for money – with the added bonus of exceptional flexibility. Whether you need business storage or personal storage, you can rent as little as 80 square feet of space for a period as short as a week. You can store the contents of your house or your warehouse – it’s all the same to us. We do have a few simple rules about what you can store, but common sense is usually all that’s needed.

Insurance for your possessions while they’re in store comes as standard with our simple agreements, and you can generally get same-day access as soon as the paperwork is completed. So, if suddenly realise you need a little extra work space or an extra store-room or two, just let us know. Reading Storage Solutions will have you sorted before you know it. Call us today to find out more.

No Space for Anything? It’s Not Your Fault – and That’s Official

Self-Storage for Retail Bargains

How many times have you wondered why you never have enough space for all your stuff? What happened to “a place for everything and everything in its place”? Well, you can relax, it’s not your fault – you can blame modern retailers for all your space problems, according to new research from the University of Pennsylvania.

We are buying too many things and it has nothing to do with your eye for a bargain – because sales and discounting are the norm nowadays, says the report. With more and more stores – both online and bricks-and-mortar – stocking more and more items, the pressure on retailers to move goods through the system just grows and grows.

The result? Discount bonanzas every day of the week, with big brands using digital marketing to soften up potential customers before they even know it. How many times have you received an “exclusive” invitation to a pre-launch event or an eve-of-sale preview? That’s why you’re buying more … and where are you going to put it all?

Buy in Bulk, Store Securely

OK, now you have all this stuff – every item a real bargain (honest) – and you’ve explained it away to your husband/wife/partner/whoever. Where are you going to put it? It can’t go in the attic, because new houses like yours don’t have one any more, as we explained in an earlier blog post. That’s where Reading Storage Solutions comes in.

When you find your stuff taking over your home, call us right away. You may just want to get everything out of sight for a while before deciding what to do with it, or you may want a long-term self-storage unit to serve as an extension of your spare room – it’s all the same to use. We provide secure, self-contained storage at highly competitive prices for people wanting affordable self-storage in Reading.

At Reading Storage Solutions, we don’t pass judgement on your buying habits or your fashion sense – we offer self-storage units for all types of household goods, clothing or leisure equipment. You get your own secure container storage unit with unlimited access during business hours, plus out-of-hours opening by arrangement.

Shop Until You Drop, Self-Store More and More

We should warn you that retail therapy can be habit-forming, and will definitely harm your wallet – but if you can’t resist a bargain, please get in touch. We believe our self-storage facilities in Reading can’t be beaten locally, so give us a try. It could save your sanity …

While we prefer people to book in advance, it’s not essential. We’ll deal with your enquiry at short notice, responding professionally and promptly to each customer (or would-be customer) with clear, competitive pricing. Our contracts include self-storage insurance as standard, and you can pay anything from a week’s storage to a year or more. There’s no complicated paperwork to fill in – one simple agreement covers everything.

So, if you’re suffering from the after effects of a severe bout of bargain mania, don’t despair. Reading Storage Solutions will soon be your new best friend, helping you to find a home for all those must-have purchases with no fuss – just secure storage with superior service. Call us today to find out more.

Christmas Gifts – Is It Better to Resell than Receive?

Self-Storage for Christmas Gifts

In January 2013, if you’re an average UK resident, you’re probably looking at two unwanted Christmas presents with a street value of £48.41, according to eBay and Gumtree’s Unwanted Gift Report 2013. So, don’t just sit there staring at them, decide what to do with them (and where to store them in the meantime).

Most people in the UK (well, 80 per cent to be precise) would consider reselling their unexpected, unwelcome or just downright awful Christmas gifts. Today, online selling sites like eBay make the job easier than ever, which is why more and more of us are making it a regular habit. What we find surprising at Reading Storage Solutions is that most gaffe gifts are given by family members, with uncles, aunts and cousins being the worst offenders.

“What’s the big deal about fifty-pound’s-worth of stuff?” we hear you say. Well, that seemingly small amount adds up to a total of £2.4 billion when you take the whole country into account. Probably best to have somewhere safe to store it while you decide how to get shot of it.

Big, Bulky and Boxed-Up

At Reading Storage Solutions, we regularly come across people who have nowhere to store their gifts – unwanted or otherwise – because they’re simply too big or bulky. Giving someone who lives in a small one-bedroom flat a full-sized pool table for Christmas may seem dumb, but that’s exactly what one of our customers turned up with recently.

Fortunately, we had a secure self-storage unit available at short notice, and the customer was happy to let us look after not only his pool table but a whole load of other stuff that was just taking up space he didn’t have. If that sounds like you, don’t suffer for a moment longer – give us a call and we’ll help find a storage plan that suits both your needs and your pocket.

We didn’t ask whether the customer was among the 50 per cent of Brits who still thank the giver for their thoughtless gift, or one of the four per cent who speak their mind. Some things are best left unexplored …

A Self-Storage Unit Isn’t Just for Christmas

Don’t think that we’re only here to help in an emergency. It makes no difference to us if you’re in a screaming hurry or if you give us several weeks’ warning. We pride ourselves in responding promptly and professionally to every customer (or potential customer) request, and we offer secure, flexible self-contained storage on short-term or long-term contracts.

We’re independently owned and whether you need to store the contents of a Christmas stocking, a small flat or a large four-bedroom house, we have self-storage units to suit you. Your minimum commitment can be as little as a week and our rates are highly competitive.

Don’t hang about, just bring your stuff along to us. We store furniture, household goods, clothing, leisure and garden equipment and a whole load more. Self-storage insurance is now included as standard on all our container storage units, and there’s no complicated paperwork to fill in – one simple agreement covers everything.

If Christmas has left you buried under what feels like the dregs of Santa’s least-appealing sleigh-load of duff gifts, call us today and find out more. When your world starts bursting at the seams, let us take over. At Reading Storage Solutions we’ll keep your New Year as happy as can be.

What Horrors Does Moving House Have in Store for You?

Moving House

It’s not unusual to open a newspaper and find a house-moving horror story. Recently, a customer told us about his neighbour’s experience on arriving at his new home soon after completing on the purchase. The estate agent had lost the keys they were holding and he had to break in through a first-floor window …

Here’s another story that highlights some of the trials and tribulations of moving into a house that’s not brand new – a solicitor who had the wrong completion date in the diary, a telecomms company that never turned up to install a new phone line and a broadband router that went missing “in the Christmas post” for nearly a month.

Experiences like that could put you off relocating for life. The article concludes that independent local businesses are likely to be most responsive to your needs and to provide the best customer service. All of which is old news as far as we’re concerned, as we rely on satisfied local customers to bring us new business.

Relocation, Relocation, Relocation

At Reading Storage Solutions, we often help out at short notice when moving dates get changed at short notice. Too often, people find out that their new house isn’t ready but decide to move out anyway to avoid losing their sale. They end up with a van load of their belongings and nowhere to put them, which is where we step in.

Not only are we independently owned, we pride ourselves in responding promptly and professionally to every customer (or potential customer) request. We know that when you’re left in the lurch by events not of your making, you need help fast. We provide affordable, secure storage in Reading for anything from accordions to zithers, often with almost no prior warning.

Reading Storage Solutions – Your Flexible Friend

Whether you need to store the contents of a small flat or a large four-bedroom house, we have self-storage units to suit you. We offer secure, flexible self-contained storage on short-term or long-term contracts. Your minimum commitment can be as little as a week and our rates are highly competitive.

If you find yourself inconvenienced by a house move that doesn’t go to plan, bring your belongings to us. We store furniture, household goods, clothing, leisure and garden equipment and a whole load more. Self-storage insurance is now included as standard on all our container storage units, and there’s no complicated paperwork to fill in – one simple agreement covers everything.

Call us today and find out more. It could be a life-saver just when you most need it, so if your world seems to be falling apart, let Reading Storage Solutions keep your relocation on track..

It’s Business As Usual Thanks to Self-Contained Storage

Start-Up Business Self-Storage

What do Britain’s largest online sex-toy retailer, the UK’s first specialist retailer of alcohol-free drinks and a leading international provider of commercial kitchen-safety systems have in common?

There’s a simple answer, but one that should have any budding entrepreneur thinking:

They all relied on self-storage during the start-up phase of business – and Filta, an American company that pioneered an innovative system for recycling cooking oil from commercial premises, continues to do so today. Every day, thousands of entrepreneurs around the globe make use of flexible, cost-effective self-storage to get their businesses off the ground. Why not join them?

The Toyshop with a Difference

Sex-toy retailer Lovehoney, which took its first order in April 2002, is now expanding worldwide, but can trace its origins to a small, unheated self-storage unit in Bath. The founders had very limited start-up capital and no experience of running an online business, so minimised their risk by following a low-cost route.

A flexible, affordable self-contained storage unit ticked all the boxes for the company’s distribution set-up, with the added advantage not only of being cheap, but also being exempt from business rates. The absence of heating and electricity presented some challenges, but the unit served Lovehoney’s purpose exceptionally well.

Drinks Without a Kick

In 2006, The Alcohol-Free Shop started life as a two-person business operating out of a 100-sq-foot self-storage unit in Manchester. The husband-and-wife owners spotted a niche for a specialist online retailer supplying health-conscious consumers with de-alcoholised wines and beers.

Keeping the financial risk of their new business to an absolute minimum was essential, and self-storage provided the ideal premises for their packing and despatch department. Within weeks, The Alcohol-Free Shop had grown into a larger operation, and continued to expand into bigger storage units during the following year. Today, it occupies a 12,000-sq-foot warehouse a few miles from its original premises.

Self-Storage for Your Start-Up Business

Reading Storage Solutions provides you with the same self-contained, easy-access self-storage, giving your business space to grow without breaking your budget. You also get complete flexibility if your needs change at short notice – either way. Our business-storage packages now include self-storage insurance at no extra cost – one less headache for a growing business.

Call us to find out more about our long-term and short-term storage units in Reading, complete with self-storage insurance – you won’t believe how easy it is to get your business off the ground!

Self-Storage Insurance Now Comes as Standard

If you’re thinking of doing without insurance on your property while it’s in store, think again. You not only need to protect yourself against the cost of replacing your goods if they are stolen or damaged, but to consider other possibilities. Extreme weather, fire and badly-driven vehicles are only a few of the causes that can cost you dearly.

Well, you’re in luck – Reading Storage Solutions’ new self-storage insurance arrangements mean that your possessions are covered for a whole range of risks while in store, including fire, flooding, malicious damage and vermin attack. You can view a copy of the policy here.

Natural Disasters

Flooding is the UK’s second-highest natural disaster risk (flu epidemics top the list) and with recent episodes affecting many areas of Britain in 2007, 2009 and 2012, protecting your property should be a priority. While we take suitable precautions to avoid everyday risks, you can’t afford to dismiss the possibility of extreme weather.

Less common, but equally – if not more – destructive are severe storms. While the Great Storm of 1987 may not be a regular occurrence, that’s no consolation if you’re left with a pile of debris sitting where your belongings used to be.

Quick and Simple

Insuring your property while it’s in storage is simple and you don’t have to let us know in advance about your goods. When you arrive to deposit your property, just tell us what you’re storing, how much it’s worth and sign our standard storage agreement. You can store goods with a value up to £5,000 in any single container.

Our policy is underwritten by Lonham Marine Underwriters, specialists in storage insurance of all types. For most items, replacement is on a new-for-old basis, although some exceptions apply – please ask us for details.

I Want to Know More

If you’re running out of space, whether at home or at work, self-storage could well be the answer. You get a generous amount of space at modest cost, and complete flexibility to change or terminate your agreement at short notice. Reading Storage Solutions now has one of the most comprehensive packages in the industry, providing self-storage insurance at no extra cost.

RSS offers practical, affordable storage facilities for short-term or long-term use, and there are only a few sensible restrictions on the type of goods you can store. Remember – there’s no extra paperwork and no fuss.

Call us to find out more about our low-cost storage units in Reading, complete with self-storage insurance – you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to create that extra bit of space in your home or office.

3 Popular Things To Do With a Self-Storage Unit

Storage for Old Toys

Do you think that self-storage is only for people wanting to store furniture while they wait to move into a new house? Think again – several national newspapers have recently reported on some of the more unusual uses for self-storage units around Britain, and you may find it hard to believe some of them!

Things We Just Can’t Throw Away

Keeping unused possessions with great sentimental value comes high on the list for many families. The Daily Telegraph reported a survey of storage unit users that highlighted old toys as one of the most common things to be found in a self-storage unit. Scalextric tracks and collections of vintage comics are particularly likely to be kept because of the memories associated with them.

Hot on the heels of toys come old clothes – because they either don’t fit or have fallen out of fashion. Clothes often have a powerful association with significant life events, and many an outfit worn on a first date, to a wedding or to some other special event can be found in one of the UK’s self-storage units. According to the survey, a wedding dress is the item of clothing most likely to be kept for years after the event.

Space for Making a Living

Small business owners and hobbyists account for a growing proportion of Britain’s self-storage users, according to The Independent and The Guardian. In the former category, both papers report the success of a highly popular martial arts gym housed in a Reading storage unit, while other commercial ventures include a bird-keeping supply business, a distributor of used prosthetic limbs and a music academy.

Hobby enthusiasts are to be found in storage units across the country. Music rehearsal venues are popular, and at RSS we know of several local groups that use self-storage for lighting and other stage equipment. You’ll also find fantasy adventure enthusiasts who keep role-play costumes in their units, dancers with makeshift studios at a fraction of the cost of a professional facility and volunteer groups with all types of equipment.

I Need More Room …

If you recognise yourself in one of these categories, or if your home is just that bit too small for all your “stuff”, self-storage could well be the answer. You get a generous amount of space at modest cost, and complete flexibility to change or terminate your agreement at short notice.

RSS offers practical, affordable storage facilities for short-term or long-term use, and there are only a few sensible restrictions on the type of goods you can store. All our units offer seven-day access during normal opening hours, and you can drive right up to your unit for easy loading and unloading – we accommodate cars, vans and small trucks.

Call us to find out more about our low-cost storage units in Reading – you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to create that extra bit of space in your home.

Downsizing Your Business? Self Storage Can Help


You may not like it, but for most business owners there comes a time when you need to cut back. It may be the recession, a seasonal downturn or simply bad luck, but when you have to downsize, it’s never fun. Fortunately, you can use self storage to avoid having to dispose of hard-earned business assets at fire-sale prices.

Why Has Downsizing Become So Common?

Since the early days of the 2008 financial crisis, businesses of all sizes have been under increased pressure. For many, reduced cash-flow coupled with an inability to borrow money has lead to failure, while others have anticipated the difficult trading conditions and adjusted the scale of their operations to suit.

The upsurge in online buying and selling has also contributed to the level of high-street failures and cut-backs, with the same general result – a need to reduce costs and streamline operations. For many businesses, this means fewer staff and smaller premises, and often results in the disposal of stock and equipment that no longer has a home.

In practice, this often means that when you are in a position to grow again, you’re unable to do so without replacing those assets that you disposed of at rock-bottom prices. At Reading Storage Solutions, we regularly talk to business owners facing tough decisions who desperately want to keep their companies alive.

How Can Self Storage Help My Business?

For many businesses, a modestly priced self-storage unit can solve a whole load of problems and take the strain off your shoulders. RSS offers practical, affordable storage facilities for short-term or long-term needs, and we allow you the flexibility to upsize or downsize at short notice as your requirements change.

If you simply want to move the bulk of your stock off site in order to save money on business rent and rates, then commercial self storage is the answer to your prayers. All our units offer seven-day access during normal opening hours, and there are only a few sensible restrictions on the type of goods you can store.

We offer low-cost, monthly payments for businesses that may be short of cash, allowing you to spread the cost of storing your property over the full term of your agreement, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by our pricing. You can also drive right up to your unit for easy loading and unloading – we accommodate cars, vans and trucks.

I Want to Know More …

If you need to downsize and you don’t have enough space in your new premises to store your stock or your business equipment, call us to find out more about our low-cost storage units in Reading. Join our many satisfied customers, and we’ll make sure that your business doesn’t have to get rid of its assets just for want of space.