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3 Popular Things To Do With a Self-Storage Unit

Storage for Old Toys

Do you think that self-storage is only for people wanting to store furniture while they wait to move into a new house? Think again – several national newspapers have recently reported on some of the more unusual uses for self-storage units around Britain, and you may find it hard to believe some of them!

Things We Just Can’t Throw Away

Keeping unused possessions with great sentimental value comes high on the list for many families. The Daily Telegraph reported a survey of storage unit users that highlighted old toys as one of the most common things to be found in a self-storage unit. Scalextric tracks and collections of vintage comics are particularly likely to be kept because of the memories associated with them.

Hot on the heels of toys come old clothes – because they either don’t fit or have fallen out of fashion. Clothes often have a powerful association with significant life events, and many an outfit worn on a first date, to a wedding or to some other special event can be found in one of the UK’s self-storage units. According to the survey, a wedding dress is the item of clothing most likely to be kept for years after the event.

Space for Making a Living

Small business owners and hobbyists account for a growing proportion of Britain’s self-storage users, according to The Independent and The Guardian. In the former category, both papers report the success of a highly popular martial arts gym housed in a Reading storage unit, while other commercial ventures include a bird-keeping supply business, a distributor of used prosthetic limbs and a music academy.

Hobby enthusiasts are to be found in storage units across the country. Music rehearsal venues are popular, and at RSS we know of several local groups that use self-storage for lighting and other stage equipment. You’ll also find fantasy adventure enthusiasts who keep role-play costumes in their units, dancers with makeshift studios at a fraction of the cost of a professional facility and volunteer groups with all types of equipment.

I Need More Room …

If you recognise yourself in one of these categories, or if your home is just that bit too small for all your “stuff”, self-storage could well be the answer. You get a generous amount of space at modest cost, and complete flexibility to change or terminate your agreement at short notice.

RSS offers practical, affordable storage facilities for short-term or long-term use, and there are only a few sensible restrictions on the type of goods you can store. All our units offer seven-day access during normal opening hours, and you can drive right up to your unit for easy loading and unloading – we accommodate cars, vans and small trucks.

Call us to find out more about our low-cost storage units in Reading – you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to create that extra bit of space in your home.

Self-Storage Suits eBay Entrepreneurs

eBay Storage

Building a business using self-storage isn’t every entrepreneur’s dream, but it’s becoming more and more common as the online marketplace continues to grow. The latest group to benefit from the flexibility and affordability of the humble self-storage unit are people buying and selling online, particularly those using the power of eBay to make money.

What the Average eBayer Needs

Active eBayers tend to fall into one of two categories – traders use eBay’s high-tech platform both to buy and sell, making a margin on the sale of earlier bargain purchases, while resellers distribute a range of products in one of many specialist niches that include toys, hand tools, memorabilia and gadgets.

In either case, as the business grows, so does the amount of stock that needs to be stored and shifted. Both trading and reselling depend on having the right items to sell at the right time, and you can’t do that without keeping a supply of goods available – but not everyone has the space to do just that.

Space is essential for resellers, as their business depends on buying products cheaply in bulk and selling them in smaller quantities at higher prices. Depending on the type of product, a consignment from an overseas supplier may be as much as several pallet-loads – not quite the thing for your front room!

What Self Storage Offers

Self storage solves the average eBayer’s problems at a stroke, offering great flexibility at a modest cost and providing the space that’s needed when it’s needed. At Reading Storage Solutions, we allow customers to upsize and downsize at short notice, meaning that you don’t have to continue paying for a large unit once your stock runs down.

Convenient access to your goods is another real advantage offered by self-storage companies; in Reading, we believe our package is unrivalled. We provide unrestricted access seven days a week during normal opening hours and at other times by prior arrangement, so you can deal with your eBay shipments and receipts whenever it suits you.

You’ll also find that renting a self-storage unit solves another problem that eBayers frequently encounter – disruption caused by deliveries that involve large commercial vehicles. Most people find that their neighbours aren’t too keen on dodging trucks, but our units provide drive-up access for cars, vans and lorries, making it straightforward to receive shipments in pallets or large crates.

What Do I Do Next?

If you buy and sell on eBay or any other online platform, and you’re finding that you don’t have enough space at home to store your stock, call us to find out more about our low-cost storage units in Reading. Join our many satisfied customers, and we’ll make sure that your business doesn’t suffer for want of space.