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Slow Down, You Move Too Fast

Slow Down You Move Too Fast

Work less and do more – isn’t that every homeowner’s dream? According to The Guardian, it’s exactly what we should all be doing! Slow down and focus on the things in life that are truly important, then make changes to our daily routine that create a calmer, more peaceful existence. That, says the article, is the theory, anyway.

Do your bit for the environment by walking or cycling instead of sitting in a gas-guzzling car – probably going nowhere fast, thanks to yet another traffic jam. Don’t eat out as much and enjoy what you already have, rather than going on yet another shopping spree. “Buy less stuff”, it concludes. If you already have too much, get rid of it, or put it into storage.

If you’re one of the converted and you’re ready to do something about it, Reading Storage Solutions have flexible storage space just waiting for your “stuff”, be it clothes, bikes, toys, furniture, garden equipment or just about anything else.

Can’t See the Wood for Trees?

We Britons have more unwanted junk littering our homes than just about any other nation. A recent survey by the Royal Institute of British Architects concluded that modern houses don’t even have enough storage space when they’re built, so how do you expect to stash away more and more as time passes without something bursting at the seams?

The answer? You can’t – which is why you should be grateful for the ready availability of professionally managed local self-storage facilities that are both flexible and affordable. Reading Storage Solutions have a choice of self-contained storage units from small (80 sq feet) units to larger spaces that will easily accommodate the contents of a typical 3-bedroom house.

Charity Begins at Home

If you’re like most people, there’s an easy way to start getting rid of clutter – move it! Using a self-storage unit, even on a short-term basis, allows you to sort your surplus possessions and decide what’s for keeping and what’s going to the charity shop or the tip. Spend a couple of hours transporting a few carloads of stuff to Reading Storage Solutions’ local storage facility and you’ll have time and space to make up your mind.

Our self-contained, easy-access self-storage gives you plenty of room without burning a hole in your pocket, and complete flexibility if your needs change at short notice. Our competitive packages now include self-storage insurance at no extra cost – there’s no extra paperwork and no fuss.

Call us to find out more about our long-term and short-term storage units in Reading, complete with self-storage insurance – you won’t believe how easy it is to save all the time in the world!

It’s Business As Usual Thanks to Self-Contained Storage

Start-Up Business Self-Storage

What do Britain’s largest online sex-toy retailer, the UK’s first specialist retailer of alcohol-free drinks and a leading international provider of commercial kitchen-safety systems have in common?

There’s a simple answer, but one that should have any budding entrepreneur thinking:

They all relied on self-storage during the start-up phase of business – and Filta, an American company that pioneered an innovative system for recycling cooking oil from commercial premises, continues to do so today. Every day, thousands of entrepreneurs around the globe make use of flexible, cost-effective self-storage to get their businesses off the ground. Why not join them?

The Toyshop with a Difference

Sex-toy retailer Lovehoney, which took its first order in April 2002, is now expanding worldwide, but can trace its origins to a small, unheated self-storage unit in Bath. The founders had very limited start-up capital and no experience of running an online business, so minimised their risk by following a low-cost route.

A flexible, affordable self-contained storage unit ticked all the boxes for the company’s distribution set-up, with the added advantage not only of being cheap, but also being exempt from business rates. The absence of heating and electricity presented some challenges, but the unit served Lovehoney’s purpose exceptionally well.

Drinks Without a Kick

In 2006, The Alcohol-Free Shop started life as a two-person business operating out of a 100-sq-foot self-storage unit in Manchester. The husband-and-wife owners spotted a niche for a specialist online retailer supplying health-conscious consumers with de-alcoholised wines and beers.

Keeping the financial risk of their new business to an absolute minimum was essential, and self-storage provided the ideal premises for their packing and despatch department. Within weeks, The Alcohol-Free Shop had grown into a larger operation, and continued to expand into bigger storage units during the following year. Today, it occupies a 12,000-sq-foot warehouse a few miles from its original premises.

Self-Storage for Your Start-Up Business

Reading Storage Solutions provides you with the same self-contained, easy-access self-storage, giving your business space to grow without breaking your budget. You also get complete flexibility if your needs change at short notice – either way. Our business-storage packages now include self-storage insurance at no extra cost – one less headache for a growing business.

Call us to find out more about our long-term and short-term storage units in Reading, complete with self-storage insurance – you won’t believe how easy it is to get your business off the ground!

Why Don’t New Homes Have Enough Storage?

Modern New-Build Homes

When the Royal Institute of British Architects recently commissioned a far-reaching report into Britain’s housing needs for the 21st century, few people expected that the findings would have implications for the UK self-storage industry. The results show that not only do people buying new-build homes fail to consider storage needs carefully, but neither do developers – modern houses just don’t have enough storage space!

What Homebuyers Have to Say

Homeowners were asked what kind of storage they needed in their new homes, and whether they had enough space for their needs. While many of the answers were uncontentious, there were a few surprises:

As expected, everyone reported that they needed adequate storage space for both short-term and long-term needs, and most people said that loft space would be the most convenient place to store rarely used or seasonal possessions, including holiday clothing, Christmas decorations and travel gear.

What surprised researchers was the number of people who said that they didn’t have enough room for even short-term storage, and that long-term storage provision was almost non-existent in all but the largest new-build homes. One person commented “I don’t even have anywhere to put my towels.”

The conclusion? Older houses have much greater potential for storing family possessions, either temporarily or long-term. Several people commented that new homes should be better designed with the real-life needs of homeowners in mind.

How Can Self Storage Help?

If you’re in the awkward position of having a home cluttered with “stuff” that you hardly use, self-storage may be the answer to your problems. For many householders, self-storage is the ideal solution, and removes any worries you may have about space. Not only that, but you get flexibility and convenience at modest cost.

RSS offers practical, affordable storage facilities for short-term or long-term use, and we allow you to upsize or downsize at short notice as your needs change. If you simply want to somewhere to put a car-load of clothes, holiday gear, leisure equipment or garden toys, just try us for size.

All our units offer seven-day access during normal opening hours, and there are only a few sensible restrictions on the type of goods you can store You can drive right up to your unit for easy loading and unloading – we accommodate cars and vans – and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by our pricing.

I Want to Know More …

If your home is bursting at the seams and you don’t have enough space to store your stiff, call us to find out more about our low-cost storage units in Reading. Become one of our many satisfied customers, and we’ll make sure that your home doesn’t become a dumping ground for your family’s cast-offs.