Don’t Overload Your Overheads – Let Self-Storage Take the Strain

Book Storage

You don’t have to wait until your bedroom ceiling collapses before realising that you need to move stuff out of your attic. Overloaded structures have been responsible for some of the worst industrial accidents on record, but it’s simple to avoid the same thing – albeit on a smaller scale – happening to you. All you need is a little common sense and the time to clear out your loft before it gets the better of you.

A 2011 survey suggested that the average person in the UK owns 80 unread books – books that take up space, often ending up in the attic because they have “sentimental value”. Given that “70 per cent of books in the average bookcase remain unopened”, there’s clearly a problem. Books weigh a lot, and they’re some of the last things you really want in your loft.

Although the rise of the e-book has slowed the growth of this massive unwanted book-pile, we have a better idea – self-storage. Whether you’re one of the book-hoarders from the survey, or whether you simply have more belongings than space, you need to take action. That’s where Reading Storage Solutions can help.

Self-Storage Space – How Much Do I Need?

The beauty of our self-storage facilities in Reading is that they’re completely flexible. You can start with a modest 80 sq-ft self-contained unit – which is large enough to store the contents of a small flat – and move to something larger as your needs dictate. If your circumstances change, don’t panic; you can cancel your storage agreement at short notice, so you’re never tied down.

Our secure storage container units are ideal for personal possessions like books, furniture, clothes and domestic appliances. There are very few things you can’t store at our secure premises near Reading town centre, and there’s easy access for cars or vans seven days a week. Simply move in and move out at your convenience – we can arrange out-of-hours opening by prior agreement.

What’s in the Small Print?

We keep our storage agreements as simple as possible, and we include insurance for your possessions as standard while they’re stored on our site. You’ll find our small print refreshingly brief and most of it’s there as much for your protection as for ours. We try and keep things simple so you can move in with a minimum of fuss and no delay whatsoever.

So if you realise that too many things are getting on top of you – in more ways than one – take a look at secure self-storage from Reading Storage Solutions. We can shift the weight from your bedroom ceiling as well as taking a load off your mind, and it won’t break the bank. Simply decide how much space you need and you’re good to go.

Call us today to find out more. You could be enjoying the use of space you’d forgotten about before you know it.