Self-Storage with Office Space – A Marriage Made in Heaven

Self-Contained Office Space

Business start-ups are getting leaner and leaner – a trend first noted in the U.S. but now widely reported in Britain. Business premises are adapting to suit and Reading Storage Solutions is among the early UK adopters. Like the state-of-the-art SURF (Start Up Really Fast) units recently opened in Seattle, Washington, we now offer our customers both storage and office space on a single site.

Convenience and flexibility are top of the list for most start-up business owners, with cost not very far behind. Our new, affordable and well-equipped offices are fully modular, and are based on a 20-ft by 8-ft floor plan, suitable for two people. Our exceptionally competitive prices are inclusive of insurance and high-speed internet, and you get all the flexibility that comes with our existing self-contained storage units.

Which Comes First – Storage Unit or Office Space?

Today, it really doesn’t matter – you can have either (or both) on the same site at Reading Storage Solutions. Close to Reading town centre and with ample parking, you get maximum flexibility with minimum fuss. If you want comprehensive details, visit our sister site, Reading Office Solutions, where you’ll find everything you need to know about our new self-contained offices in Reading.

In the excitement of moving into your new office, don’t forget your self-storage arrangements. Many of our customers are finding that their storage needs grow with their businesses, and we’re pleased to see increasing numbers of our secure container storage units occupied by successful companies. Increasingly, new customers arrive at our reception desk after being recommended by friends who already occupy one of our units – and recommendations don’t get much better than that!

Why Self-Storage?

In a nutshell, it’s hard to find better value for money – with the added bonus of exceptional flexibility. Whether you need business storage or personal storage, you can rent as little as 80 square feet of space for a period as short as a week. You can store the contents of your house or your warehouse – it’s all the same to us. We do have a few simple rules about what you can store, but common sense is usually all that’s needed.

Insurance for your possessions while they’re in store comes as standard with our simple agreements, and you can generally get same-day access as soon as the paperwork is completed. So, if suddenly realise you need a little extra work space or an extra store-room or two, just let us know. Reading Storage Solutions will have you sorted before you know it. Call us today to find out more.