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  • 18/01/2017|

    New home? New business? Your new storage solution.

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    Montague Park. Emmbrook Place. Cavendish Park. Mulberry Grove. New housing developments are popping up all over Wokingham and in the surrounding area too, bringing with them new opportunities for first-time buyers, upsizers and downsizers, and local businesses alike. It’s no wonder so many are flocking to the Berkshire town – it’s recently been ranked in …...


  • 15/10/2015|

    Self-Storage on the Rise in the USA

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    It’s no surprise that Storage Wars is a hugely popular programme across the world, as it seems that the US is currently in the middle of a self-storage boom. There are many reasons for this, most of which are down to the financial crisis pushing up rents and limiting new construction, meaning people are forced …...


  • 23/09/2015|

    How to Self-Store as a Student

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    Moving away from home to attend a new college or university is an enriching life experience but when the summer rolls around you may be stuck with more stuff than you bargained for. If this is the case then you have a few options; take it all back home with you or store it in …...


  • 21/09/2015|

    Aerial footage of Reading Storage Solutions

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    Here’s a sneak preview of the aerial footage taken at our self storage yard in Reading last week. Some great views of Caversham, The Thames and surrounding lakes!...


  • 10/02/2015|

    Learning About the Advantages of Self-Storage for Students

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    For most students, the arrival of summer doesn’t just signal the end of another year of study – it generally means that it’s time to move house as well. You may well have secured the ideal place to live next year, but it doesn’t solve the age-old problem of what to do with your gear …...


  • 03/11/2014|

    Red-Hot Reality TV as Storage Hunters Comes to Reading Storage Solutions

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      TV Channel Dave has selected Reading Storage Solutions as its first-choice location for the launch of Storage Hunters UK, the new reality TV series based on the US smash hit. Airing on October 28 2014, the first episode sees Sean Kelly, the auctioneer and host of the original US Storage Hunters, drive the high-pressure …...


  • 25/07/2014|

    Reading Storage Solutions Ticks the Boxes Recommended by Trading Standards

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    Since 2013, the London Trading Standards Authorities (LoTSA) have been cooperating in an initiative designed to prevent the storage of illegal goods in self-storage facilities. In a series of intelligence-led raids in September 2012, counterfeit goods with an estimated street value of £6.5 million were seized from self-storage facilities in the capital, leading LoTSA to …...


  • 31/03/2014|

    Don’t Overload Your Overheads – Let Self-Storage Take the Strain

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    You don’t have to wait until your bedroom ceiling collapses before realising that you need to move stuff out of your attic. Overloaded structures have been responsible for some of the worst industrial accidents on record, but it’s simple to avoid the same thing – albeit on a smaller scale – happening to you. All …...


  • 24/03/2014|

    Self-Storage with Office Space – A Marriage Made in Heaven

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    Business start-ups are getting leaner and leaner – a trend first noted in the U.S. but now widely reported in Britain. Business premises are adapting to suit and Reading Storage Solutions is among the early UK adopters. Like the state-of-the-art SURF (Start Up Really Fast) units recently opened in Seattle, Washington, we now offer our …...


  • 20/01/2014|

    No Space for Anything? It’s Not Your Fault – and That’s Official

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    How many times have you wondered why you never have enough space for all your stuff? What happened to “a place for everything and everything in its place”? Well, you can relax, it’s not your fault – you can blame modern retailers for all your space problems, according to new research from the University of …...


  • 06/01/2014|

    Christmas Gifts – Is It Better to Resell than Receive?

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    In January 2013, if you’re an average UK resident, you’re probably looking at two unwanted Christmas presents with a street value of £48.41, according to eBay and Gumtree’s Unwanted Gift Report 2013. So, don’t just sit there staring at them, decide what to do with them (and where to store them in the meantime). Most …...


  • 24/10/2013|

    What Horrors Does Moving House Have in Store for You?

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    It’s not unusual to open a newspaper and find a house-moving horror story. Recently, a customer told us about his neighbour’s experience on arriving at his new home soon after completing on the purchase. The estate agent had lost the keys they were holding and he had to break in through a first-floor window … …...

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  • 30/09/2013|

    Slow Down, You Move Too Fast

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    Work less and do more – isn’t that every homeowner’s dream? According to The Guardian, it’s exactly what we should all be doing! Slow down and focus on the things in life that are truly important, then make changes to our daily routine that create a calmer, more peaceful existence. That, says the article, is …...

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  • 17/09/2013|

    It’s Business As Usual Thanks to Self-Contained Storage

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    What do Britain’s largest online sex-toy retailer, the UK’s first specialist retailer of alcohol-free drinks and a leading international provider of commercial kitchen-safety systems have in common? There’s a simple answer, but one that should have any budding entrepreneur thinking: They all relied on self-storage during the start-up phase of business – and Filta, an …...

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  • 10/09/2013|

    Reclaim Your Spare Room Before It’s Too Late

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    Summer’s nearly gone and you should enjoy the last of the sunshine before the clocks go back – and while you’re at it, do that clearing out you’ve been putting off since the spring. That’s right, your spare room is still bursting at the seams, and like more than three-quarters of UK homeowners, you probably …...

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  • 03/06/2013|

    Self-Storage Insurance Now Comes as Standard

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    If you’re thinking of doing without insurance on your property while it’s in store, think again. You not only need to protect yourself against the cost of replacing your goods if they are stolen or damaged, but to consider other possibilities. Extreme weather, fire and badly-driven vehicles are only a few of the causes that …...


  • 31/03/2013|

    3 Popular Things To Do With a Self-Storage Unit

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    Do you think that self-storage is only for people wanting to store furniture while they wait to move into a new house? Think again – several national newspapers have recently reported on some of the more unusual uses for self-storage units around Britain, and you may find it hard to believe some of them! Things …...

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  • 21/03/2013|

    Why Don’t New Homes Have Enough Storage?

    Posted in Long Term Storage on Thursday, March 21 2013 at 14:21 by Alex Brown No Comments

    When the Royal Institute of British Architects recently commissioned a far-reaching report into Britain’s housing needs for the 21st century, few people expected that the findings would have implications for the UK self-storage industry. The results show that not only do people buying new-build homes fail to consider storage needs carefully, but neither do developers – …...

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  • 28/02/2013|

    Downsizing Your Business? Self Storage Can Help

    Posted in Business Storage on Thursday, February 28 2013 at 14:21 by Alex Brown 1 Comment

    You may not like it, but for most business owners there comes a time when you need to cut back. It may be the recession, a seasonal downturn or simply bad luck, but when you have to downsize, it’s never fun. Fortunately, you can use self storage to avoid having to dispose of hard-earned business …...

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  • 18/02/2013|

    Self-Storage Suits eBay Entrepreneurs

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    Building a business using self-storage isn’t every entrepreneur’s dream, but it’s becoming more and more common as the online marketplace continues to grow. The latest group to benefit from the flexibility and affordability of the humble self-storage unit are people buying and selling online, particularly those using the power of eBay to make money. What …...

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  • 25/09/2012|

    Website Launch

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    Reading Storage Solutions have developed this new website as an online resource for existing customers and potential customers....